Top Tax Deductions for Your Small Business

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The end goal of starting any business is to make a profit. Therefore, it is extremely essential for you to track your expenses. Tax deductions take up a huge portion of the money you make from your business. Most business owners lack the relevant information about managing their tax expenses, which is why about 70% of small businesses use the expertise of tax professionals for IRS concerns and tax preparation.

Utility Expenses

These usually include phone and internet bills. Most small businesses heavily rely on the use of phones and the internet for their optimum functionality. The accounting firm you hire suggests that you can only deduct the expenses if their use is dedicated for official use only. However, if you use the services for personal reasons, you only get to deduct the percentage that was solely used for official reasons only.


Office equipment and machinery in your small business depreciate after being used over a long period. Such expense deductions are spread over a number of years. This is essential as you get reimbursed for the expenses over the entire lifetime of the gadget.

Office Supplies

Office supplies are deducted from your small business’ expenses provided the items were used for official use within the year you procured them. Postage and shipping expenses can also be included. It is therefore important to include receipts and shipping costs for all your small business supply purchases as part of documentation while filing for taxes.

Interests and Banking Fees

You might find yourself in debt because of your small business. Loans attract interest; your accounting firm should deduct the interest charged as part of your tax deductions. Monthly service fees, as well as credit cards, should also be factored in as part of the deductions.

Business Meals

Accounting firms include business meals as part of the tax deductions. For a business meal to qualify, as part of the deductions, supporting documentation should be provided which includes the date, restaurant location, cost of the meal, and the nature of the meeting. The easiest way to track business meals is by retaining the receipt and jotting down the important details as described above.

Professional Service Fee

It is impossible to run a business without incurring any professional service fee such as legal or bookkeeping services. Professional services help your business to run smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. Such expenses are deductible from your tax return expenses. The guidelines provided by the IRS will assist you to identify the category of expense so you can deduct them accordingly.

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