5 Common Tax Problems a CPA Can Help With

There are many tax problems that CPA tax services can help with. No one likes to have tax problems, as they can cause a great deal of stress and worry. Professional tax services can put an end to your troubles and get rid of your tax problems. Here are five things that a CPA who offers tax services can help you with.

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1. Back Taxes

If you owe back taxes to the IRS, that problem can spin out of control quickly. The IRS is not known for being understanding when it comes to taxes owed. According to the IRS, about 300 thousand Earned Income Tax Credit audits are closed each year. The IRS is a formidable organization to go up against alone when you owe them money. A CPA can help to negotiate a payment plan that will catch up with payments and get the IRS off your back.

2. Audits

The IRS randomly pulls tax returns to audit each year. In other words, you don’t have to do anything wrong to be audited. Since an audit is specifically looking for issues with a return, an issue is typically discovered. If you’re being audited, a CPA can help. You must have a professional on your side to help navigate the audit.

3. Injured Spouse Filing

If your spouse owes tax debts you don’t believe you should be held liable for, a CPA can help by filing an “innocent spouse form.” Once the IRS approves, you’ll be released from any tax liability your spouse owes.

4. Foreign Returns

If you or your spouse worked outside of the United States for part of or the entire year, you’ll need to file special forms. Foreign tax returns can get very complicated. Professional tax services can file the correct forms to ensure you are protected.

5. Error Notices

Errors are common on tax returns. If the IRS catches the mistake, they’ll send an error notice. You’ll then be allowed to explain the error and file an amended return. You must have a CPA file the amended return to ensure no errors occur the second time.

Professional tax services are not just for the wealthy. They’re essential for anyone who wants to avoid problems with the IRS. Call Brown, Chism & Thompson today to learn more about how our tax services can benefit you.

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