4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a CPA

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Nobody likes to think about their taxes. But the reality is that the less we think about our taxes, the less we will likely receive in tax benefits. Therefore, it’s important for Americans to take their taxes seriously and do everything that they can to ensure that all tax forms are filled out correctly. Many of us are making mistakes without even realizing it, which could result in us owing more than we expected. This is especially concerning after an economically difficult year. We all want to receive as much money in our tax returns as possible, right?

Working with a CPA firm is about more than having simple questions answered. A CPA accounting firm can actually help you manage your taxes, not only streamlining the process but ensuring that you don’t lose money unnecessarily when completing your income tax returns. With that in mind, let’s explore in more detail some of the reasons why you should consider working with professional tax prep services during this upcoming tax season.

1. The Advice Is Strategic

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working with a CPA firm is that you’ll receive advice that is strategically angled around accommodating your specific needs. The advice offered from a CPA is both objective and strategic, meant to maximize your benefits. At the same time, you’re welcome to ask whatever questions you must; for example, if you’re worried about the Oklahoma sales tax, working with a professional CPA can help ensure that you know exactly what you’re doing. By the way — it’s 4.5%.

Furthermore, the advice provided by a CPA is objective. It can be difficult to be objective about your own finances, whether you’re working on your personal finances or those related to your business. Many people make financial mistakes simply because they act on impulse. A CPA ensures that this won’t happen, and makes it easier for you to move forward in a manner that is both informed and objective.

2. Expert Level Knowledge

As previously mentioned, many people make mistakes on tax forms simply because they don’t know what they’re doing. Taxes are complicated, even when they’re related to the individual, let alone a business. It can take years for a person to learn how to do their taxes in a manner that is most advantageous to their individual needs.

The great thing about working with a CPA firm is that a reliable firm will only hire qualified, professional CPAs. In order to obtain and maintain CPA credentials, a person must graduate from college at a minimum. Many often also obtain a Master’s degree in Finance or Accounting. They also must pass the CPA exam, be licensed by a state to practice, and commit to an additional 120 hours of continuing professional education every three years. Where else can you find that level of dedication to finance? It can certainly be hard to match it on your own!

3. Trustworthy Resources

The fact is that there are unfortunately some in the finance industry that might take advantage of your lack of knowledge. Not all positions within the industry require the same dedication to ethics that is expected of CPA firms. The reality is that CPAs are expected to follow an ethical code of conduct.

Furthermore, by working with a CPA that is overseen by a firm rather than working as an individual, you can feel even more safeguarded and sure about the advice you’re receiving. A CPA that works under a firm has coworkers and often supervisors that they can refer you to for additional help if need be. This makes it easier for you to get trustworthy advice for the long term.

4. Diverse Financial Uses

CPAs can help you navigate both private and public accounting. They can aid in sustaining the value and growth of organizations, and offer a variety of different tax services while also supervising the general management of your money. You can refer to a CPA as much or as little as you wish.

Finding a good CPA can be challenging. But once you do, your financial life will be much simpler. Start your search for a CPA today!

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